My Top six places to see while teaching English in China

In this vast country, there are so many places to see, but these are on my bucket list while here teaching English in China.

  1. The Great Wall of China: The largest wall in the world. Standing for 2300 years and crossing 9 provinces and municipalities you should be within traveling distance at some stage. The winding path through steep mountains and rugged country displays amazing scenery -and who goes to China without visiting the great wall!
  2. The Forbidden City in Beijing: The largest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings and the largest palace complex in the world. With galleries hosting temporary cultural exhibitions, calligraphy and painting galleries, marble bridges, richly decorated thrones, imperial carriageway carved with dragons and clouds, water clocks, bronze elephants and an imperial garden of 700- square meters of fine landscaping, this is stunning. Go early or take more than a day – you won’t regret it.
  3. The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta warriors and horses: This is by far one of the most impressive archaeological finds in history. An entire army of life-sized terracotta warriors, horses, and chariots. This army of 8000 warriors were buried 35 meters underground and were discovered by a local farmer while digging a well. They are extremely lifelike and no two faces are alike – You almost expect to hear the crash of symbols and they all wake up and march.!
  4. Putosham: This is a small island which can be reached from the mainland city of Ningbo or by overnight boat ride from Shanghai. It contains some of the best beaches in Northern China and the island has vast numbers of temples, pagodas and narrow cobbled streets. If you are working in Shanghai this is a perfect weekend getaway- and I guarantee you, you will go more than once.
  5. Kanas Lake: To get there you need to take a bus ride and these are not very frequent but a trip that starts in the desert and climbs through grasslands to high mountainous passes is well worth it. On arrival, there will be plenty of locals offering hotel places to stay and if you have your negotiation hat on they can come cheap. Be careful though they have been known to change the price on arrival so if they do, just threaten to walk out and be tough. oh and make sure you visit the Kansas fish pavilion (costs an extra 120 RMB but well worth it.)
  6. Beaches: With a continental coastline of 11,000 miles there are lots of beautiful beaches to visit, not to mention the famous Yalong Bay, so the best I can do is recommend you read the 6 most beautiful beaches in China – (Can we link in a new page so we do not lose our visitors from our site?)

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