About TEFL/TESOL and how it will get you that perfect Gap Year

TEFL – Teach English as a foreign language.
TESOL – Teachers of English to speakers of other languages.
So that is the translation lesson over for today.✔
A TEFL or TESOL course provides the training required to teach English abroad as a foreign language. It will provide you with the skills and tools required to become an effective teacher. This qualification will allow you attain that perfect Gap year while teaching English in Vietnam and other countries.
The course is available in a classroom format or online.

We will advise you on which course we need you to take but you should think about volunteering for a week or more somewhere as this would count as relevant to the experience.

Course material is basic teaching skills, examples of which are:

  • Teaching methodologies and practices for teaching skills like grammar, reading, writing and conversation.
  • Lesson planning and development
  • Classroom management skills and engaging non-English speakers
  • Error correction
  • Visual aid and technology.

We will be glad to chat through your options please contact a member of teachtoBeach staff here or use the chat box below  bottom left hand of this page.