Terms and Conditions

The contract between Teach to Beach and the student will take place when you have paid a deposit and will be based on these conditions to the exclusion of all others. Any variations to these conditions shall have no effect unless agreed in writing by both parties.
Teach to Beach is the trading name of Teach on the Beach registered in Ireland, registration number 595164.
Teach on the Beach do not accept liability for any loss or additional expense caused by delay or interruption to travel, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, industrial action, civil disturbance, strikes, wars floods, sickness or force majeure. Such losses and additional expenses are your responsibility.
When processing your booking we will arrange for you to enter a contract with the employment provider relating to the entirety of your contract term. We act as the teaching position agent in arranging your booking and by accepting our agency terms you are giving us your authority to liaise with the provider on your behalf and put you in touch with them.
Students are entitled to a full refund of the deposit fee if they cancel within seven days from the date they paid the deposit unless this is within 21 days of departure. In this case, no refund is possible. All refund requests must be made in writing and cancellations made within the dates above will not be eligible for a refund.
It is your responsibility to ensure that all your details are correct. -e.g. Names/dates/timing and all other information. Please check all online booking details are correct and any documentation/emails you receive from us, are correct and fully up to date. Please advise us of any errors within 48 hours of receipt of such documentation by emailing us at customersupport@teachtobeach.com. Please note that we will not accept responsibility for any incorrect information if we are not informed within this timeframe.
In making this booking you consent to us passing on your information to those we need to pass it on to for the purposes of securing your place. This may include public authorities, such as customs or immigration, security or credit checking companies or as required by law. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. Most countries will require that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date.
Please note that a position secured with Teach to Beach does not necessarily mean that your teaching position will be within any short distance to a beach. This will depend on where you are placed and if this is a specific request by you then we should be notified of this requirement as soon as you make a booking.
If for any reason, you wish to change the start date for your teaching then you must notify us of your change at least 21 days prior to that date. Any changes will be subject to availability and may not be at the same location. All changes are subject to availability and only one change per booking will be accepted.
Your deposit secures us as an agent. This will allow us place you in your chosen country subject to availability. If for some reason, we are unable to place you in a position then we will refund your deposit. Once we have secured a position then we will require full and final payment within 21 days of our notification to you. If however, this is within 30 days of your departure then we will require full and final payment immediately.
During your teaching contract, you must comply with all Vietnam applicable laws and regulations.
On our site, we have offered to give guidance to you on insurance, booking flights and other ancillary requirements. This does not make us liable for any downfall in these bookings as these are with a third party and not our responsibility. We strongly advise you to check the terms and conditions carefully and ensure you are covered for all extenuating circumstances. -cancellation, accident, illness, loss of baggage etc.
Your contract with Teach to Beach will be governed by Irish law and any related disputes will be dealt with in the courts of Ireland.

The term of contract.
By signing up with us you are agreeing to carry out your duties and functions of an English teacher in a professional manner and are committed to teaching English for the entire program period. If you engage in inappropriate behavior in your role as a teacher and you are ejected from your teaching position then no refund will be given.

By agreeing to pay your deposit you have agreed to all the terms and conditions above.