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My first few months teaching English in Vietnam

    Hello, my name is Linus. I am 32 and from Dublin. Ireland. I earned my CELTA qualification in April 2018. I immediately got to work on trying to find employment in Vietnam. Having tried to go the direct route by emailing potential employers, I eventually gave up and instead turned my attention to […]

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My Top six places to see while teaching English in China

In this vast country, there are so many places to see, but these are on my bucket list while here teaching English in China. The Great Wall of China: The largest wall in the world. Standing for 2300 years and crossing 9 provinces and municipalities you should be within traveling distance at some stage. The […]

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Eight things to know about China

China is safe. Most of the people are hardworking, honest and basically mind their own business. There are however some petty thieves so watch out for pick pocketers and keep your money and passport close. Vendors: The Chinese do not have a set price on anything so they expect to haggle. This makes browsing extremely difficult […]

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What not to do when teaching english China

Be respectful always, especially in homes or Temples. When entering a home look to see if shoes are removed. This is a long tradition but many homes do not follow it anymore-Don’t be afraid to ask. If you do remove your shoes note that it is rude to show the soles of your feet so […]

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