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  • Pay per month is extremely generous for teaching English in Vietnam. For example the average wage in Vietnam is $220 per month while we pay $1000 to $1500 a month to our full time teachers.
  • You will live very comfortably and be in a position to save for that all important traveling.
  • Remember you are not paid until the end of the month so bring some cash flow for your first month.
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A Typical day teaching English in Vietnam -Our student view

7:00-7:30 -Everything starts early in Vietnam so class usually begins at 7.30 or 8. Most teachers will go to school by motorbike but if you’re OK with getting up a bit early the bus is also an option. This can be quite interesting as you are usually surrounded with Vietnamese chatting loudly and full of energy despite the early hour. Most Vietnamese will wake up around 6 am and have breakfast with their family before going to work so it’s not your usual half asleep bus ride.

7:30-10:30-Morning classes usually last from 7.30 to 10.30 with a 20 minute break in the middle. When you arrive at school you will usually be greeted with the sight of a playground full of children doing their morning stretches. These stretches are usually in the form of a dance accompanied by a song. The chicken dance is quite popular and fun to witness. Classes are approx 45 minutes each and as you are working 20-25 hours a week you could have some mornings or afternoons off.

10:30-12:00 -Then comes the best part. NAP TIME! A bit strange to start but I  promise you will get more than used to it. If you stay at the school for lunch you will witness the students nap time. Which is definitely an experience. The children will fold out their hard wooden desks, crawl on top and lie down for a nap. It’s fun to see classrooms of 40 students all asleep on tables. And peacefully at that.

12:00-2:00 -Some schools offer lunch to teachers at around 2 dollars. Teachers also have the opportunity to go home and nap, swim on the beach, hit the gym or whatever you decide to do with your time.

2:00-4:30 -Class reconvenes at 2 pm. The first class after lunch can be a bit of a struggle as students are often quite sleepy after their nap but they’ve regained their energy by the second period and then it’s back to the chaos 🙂
Your day usually finishes around 4:30 so you have a long evening. Some teachers take private lessons in the evening which is a great opportunity to earn and save more money.


  • As a teacher we expect you to conduct  your duties and functions  in a professional manner and we expect you to be committed to teaching English for the entire program period.
  • You will have to pay a Visa  fee on arrival at the airport.
  • You will also  undergo a substantial health check for your school so make sure you are in good health before you arrive.
  • You are responsible for your utility bills which are approx $30 per month.


Accommodation can vary depending on where your job is – When accommodation is provided it is  2-star accommodation. It is clean and basic but who needs fancy cooking facilities when your breakfast costs $1 to eat out.

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